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Ancient zodiac discovered in Jordan demonstrates pre-Islamic astrotheological religion

It is not only the other Abrahamic sects or non-Abrahamic religions that posses significant nature worship or astral religion, as Islam too incorporated this ancient astrotheology into its tenets as well. In reality, pre-Islamic Arabia and other places where Arabs spread were rife with observations of the celestial bodies.

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2015 Astrotheology Calendar

The 2015 Astrotheology Calendar published by Stellar House Publishing and created by D.M. Murdock aka “Acharya S,” along with N.W. Barker, serves as a basic introduction into the world of archaeoastronomy, solar mythology and astrotheology. As has been the case with our past Astrotheology Calendars, in addition to showing lunar phases and astrological signs, this year’s calendar highlights the solstices, […]

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