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The first albums here consist of images from our past years’ Astrotheology Calendars. You can find them at the Astrotheology Store! Click on the calendar’s cover image to see all the contents.

Lunar Eclipse or Blood Moon Chinese Moon Goddess Judgment Day Christ Resurrection Beth Saida Knowth Tomnaverie Stone Circle Revelation 12 Bootes Full Moon, UK Goddess_O_Ixchel Lunar Eclipse, Winter 2014calendarback1

The below set of images was created by D.M. Murdock for use on social media and elsewhere on the internet and offline. Feel free to save them and use them wherever you see fit.


  • Amazing. Thank u.

  • Acharya, Thank you so much for all of your hard work! You have definitely brought light to where there was darkness! You have transformed my understanding of religion and spirituality. Since my undergraduate studies of comparative religion 20 years ago, I knew there was “something” that would make it all make more sense. I can’t express the amount of satisfaction that comes from the logical, historically based, comprehensive astrotheological perspective!!!

    All the best to you!

  • Brilliant work of yours Acharya S !
    You are making a BIG difference in millions of lives ! Congratulations !

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