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Astrotheology.net was created by D.M. Murdock, also known as Acharya S, author of many books, ebooks and articles about ancient religion and mythology. It is maintained by D.M. Murdock and N.W. Barker, the latter of whom also has an avid interest in astral religion, nature worship, archaeology and archaeoastronomy.

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  • Hello D.M. and N.W.Barker,Mr. Barker,im just curious about your experince and education in the mythicist position-astrotheology-ancient religions. Have you been in this field of scolarship for all your life? i have ordered the calender in previous years and need to know a little or alot more about the people i am getting my information from. thank you so much,i am very interested in this information across the board,thanks eric lambert

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